Dolores Margot Mumm 01/04/1924 - 12/17/1981


Cemitério Jardim da Saúde

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



Dolores Margot Mumm was born on January 4, 1924 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She went by Margot the first half of her life and later was known as Dolores. 


Born to German parents, she eventually moved back to Germany with her parents and older brother. There she studied the art of costume design for theatrical performances. After surviving the Second World War, Dolores and her parents moved back to Argentina in 1947. 


She eventually met Gabriel Hevesi and the two got married in Uruguay in 1950. Her first daughter, Alexandra, was both in Argentina in 1953. Three years later the family moved to Lima, Peru, where her second child, Stephen, was born. 


While in Peru, Dolores studied archaeology at the University of San Marcos. She enjoyed exploring archeological sites and discovered some Inca remains during excavations in Peru. 


In 1967, Dolores moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with her husband and two children. She continued to pursue the arts, and began to make pieces out of copper. She made enameled copper jewelry which, with the help of her son, she would sell at the Hippie Fair in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. 


She also worked on wood and bronze sculptures, which were exhibited in museums throughout Brazil. Many of her pieces were sold nationally and internationally. 


In 1971, Dolores was diagnosed with leukemia. Although the doctors initially told her she had six months to live, she lived for another 10 years. 

Early years

From her older brother, R.S. Mumm: 

"Dolores was a fabulous person in so many ways… Number one was her fluency in foreign languages. Besides her native German she spoke perfect French, Spanish, English and Portuguese. I remember one time chastising her about slurring her words during conversation in one of these languages. She remarked: 'Look Reiner, it's just a little trick I devised. When you think in one language and talk in another there isn't always enough time to come up with the right conjugation of a particular word. So I slur it and talk fast and normally get by since people know it is not my native tongue.' " 

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