Lidia Soares de Oliveira 02/20/1929 - 11/20/2008

Lidia was born and raised in a small town in Minas Gerais around 1929 (more information in the memories section). As a little girl she befriended a young man named Ateonio. Ateonio's parents lived on a nearby farm but when he turned 18 they sent him off to manage another farm in a different city. He did not last long and quickly came back to ask for Lidia's hand in marriage. She was 18 at the time. In 1948, after getting the approval from her parents, Lidia got married to her childhood love.


Soon after, they moved to Bahia, then to Parana, and finally to Sao Paulo. She had an adventerous spirit and was always eager to travel and learn. During those years, she gave birth to 10 children, but due to diseases and living conditions at the time, 3 passed away at a very young age.


Lidia was a respectable hard-working woman that successfully managed to bring her family out of poverty. She continually pushed herself to ensure that her children had the proper education. Lidia was a fighter, caring and loving mother, and independent woman. Although she didn't have much, she continually fought to provide the basics for her kids.


To everyone, Lidia was known for the things that she cooked. Working villagemen would come from near and far to have her food for lunch. Later in life, she took pleasure in stuffing her grandchildren with her infamous cheeseballs, biscuits, and cakes. She did not rely on recipes and would just eye-ball it. Some of us are still trying to replicate her yummy treats so that generations could have it for years to come.


Date of Birth...?

Lidia was born in a very small town and at the time of her birth she was not registered. When she went to marry Ateonio in the civil court, he took this opportunity to register her name and date of birth. The only problem was that no one knew her birth date. Ateonio's solution was to make one up. He wanted her to be/ believed that she was older than him, so he registered her birth date as February 20, 1929.

Entrepreneur at Heart

Lidia while on the road with her 3 youngest children stumbled upon a motel area. At the time she was unemployed and concerned about what she was going to do to feed her children. Behind the motel area she saw that there was a little trailer/truck. She asked the motel owner if she could rent out the trailer for a short while. She positioned the trailer close to the street and hung out bananas to sell. Since the bananas were a great hit with the construction workers nearby, she began to cook and sell lunch food. Her little food truck became such a huge success that people from neighboring villages would come to have her food.

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