Patrick Derick Harrison 02/04/1933 - 02/16/2013


New Generation Bible Ministries

Beltsville, MD 

Sunday Feb. 17, 2013


Friday, March 1, 2013

Love and Faith Bible Ministries

Sophia, Guyana

Guyana, South America




What would it take to walk a mile in your shoes,

To know I should, I will, and I can too.


A will to persevere,

I like to call it Faith,

Faith that God is here.


Deep within your soul,

Lies a conviction that should be told.

Believe in Jesus Christ,

See His miracles unfold.


You gave me a great gift,

The gift of life.

You supported my parents in raising me to revere God.

To live in the light.


With the light covering you,

 You put on your shoes,

Walked a mile or two to the grocery store.


You a man over 70,

You a man with aches and pains,

You a man,

98 degress, flesh wearing, skin wrinkling man.


Walking along the highway with bags in your hand.

Bringing home milk and cookies for your grandchildren,

And Coffee for you.


What would it take to walk in your shoes?


To be confident,

At times to a fault,

But to humble yourself,

And say,

Yes I fell short.


To come as boldly as you did before,

Admitting your error,

Mending what you tore.


What would it take to walk in your shoes?


To feed and to care,

For a family over 10,

Clothe what you bare,

Never letting fend.


From Guyana to America

Land of Many Waters,

To the Land of the Free,

Traveling back and forth,

But in your heart laid

One People, One Nation, One Destiny.


Picketing in the street,

Banging down doors,

Stomping on you feet,

Running up floors.







What would it take to walk in your shoes?


A cushion or two,

Some coffee for me,

For you,

A Christmas day.

A dance this way.


What would it take to walk in your shoes?


Realizing that there is no past for you,

For you are always present.

For if our God is ever present,

Never past,

Then so are you.


With Him you dwell.


It would take having God to walk in your shoes.


By: Theodosia Sophia Goddard