Reginal Laloi 10/25/1956 - 07/18/2011


Martin’s Home for Services

48 Elm Street, Montclair, NJ

July 27, 2011 / 6 - 8 pm



St. Paul Baptist Church,

119 Elm St, Montclair , NJ

July 28, 2011 / 11 am 


St. Paul Baptist Church,

119 Elm St, Montclair , NJ

July 28, 2011



Reginal Laloi was born in Jacmel, Haiti on November 25, 1956 to his parents, Marie Therese Laloi and Edner Dubuche. From Jacmel, he then moved to 494 Boulevard J.J. Dessalines with his mother Tètè (Marie Therese Laloi), Madame Sovè, his aunt, Còcòte, his cousins, Hughes, Frantzo, Poupette, and Pépito. Reginal resided in that area all of his life.


To everyone, Reginal was known as a very respectful young man who loved helping people, always making people laugh and making sure everyone was doing OK. During his young years, he was a star, loved by everyone, and especially, adored by the ladies. As he grew older to a more mature man, his educational career transitioned as well. He began his education in grammar school at Frères Bicentenaire, completed his High School at Lycee Petion and continued his education in accounting, and not long after he became a French teacher.


Though Reginal was good in school, he had other activities that showed his great talents. He played drums throughout his life and participated in Fanfare (Marching Bands and Orchestras). He played drums in few churches and it is through his music you could see the passion and love he had for the drums. Although he had a distinctive deep voice, he was a chicken, he was afraid of blood, police and drama. He was always smiling and joking with everyone and always wanted to make people happy. He was the type of person who strived to please everyone and would just forget about himself in doing so. He was always kind-hearted and generous.


In 1977, Reginal met his soulmate, TiJoe (Marie Josette), and from that day on, they were inseparable. They were always together, giggling, teasing each other, and the two of them were always happy just being around each other.


Reginal and "Tijoe" got married in 1984 and he came to the USA around 1985-1986 to be with his new and beautiful wife. Reginal was a wonderful husband, he was charming and responsible. He was always talking about his wife and how much he loved her and from that point on, they spent the next 34 years showing each other how much they loved one another. The marriage gave birth to three beautiful children, Johanda, Reegy, and Daneekah. He was a man of truth and honor and everyone had respect for him. He was the best father and the greatest husband.


During his working career, Reginal Laloi began working at Neson Alloy, where he became a foreman. He worked there for 12 years before leaving to go work for Continental Airlines for the remaining years of his beautiful life. Continental was not only a job to him, but it was also a blessing because it fulfilled his wife's love for traveling to different countries. He was loved by his co-workers at Continental and would always give 150% on any task given to him. He was always lending a helping hand at work and because of his attributes, he was a blessing to everyone he met.


Reginal was an amazing person whose personality and spirit brightened up the world. Reginal believed that you can only change the world through your love and he did just that.


Reginal did his share to change the world with his love until the night of July 18, 2011; now, it is up to us to do our part in making the world a better place.


My Thoughts - Reegy Laloi

As I reflect on my father’s life and relive that tragic Monday night of July 18th 2011, I am mesmerized by my father and his contributions to my life and society. My father symbolized an edifice of love and compassion unseen by many individuals and lived a life of selflessness and love that words cannot describe. Although raised by a single mother, he recognized the importance of fatherhood and took on this role with diligence, honor and pride. He cherished his children and made everyone aware of our accomplishments and life endeavors as he lived vicariously through our success stories. His tireless nights at work and constant sacrifices made my life possible.  I am a sheer image of my father and I can honestly say, he molded me into the man I am today. He instilled his experiences, ideals, strengths and his love within my very core and I will leverage these treasures within my own life. My father was taken away from me by the hands of violence but our memories and our relationship will remain unscathed by this tragedy and justice will be served. Pops Rest in Peace. Although gone from this world, you will always remain in my heart. I will love you always and when the time is right, I too shall continue your legacy as a loving husband and father. 

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