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Loved One Profile:

Losing a loved one is an incredibly difficult and emotional experience. At Homegoing, we believe in the power and comfort of remembering and expressing shared memories. We do our best to help alleviate the pains of your loved ones’ passing by celebrating their lives and delivering an interactive space, where families come together to relive memories anytime and anywhere in the world. The passing of a loved one can now be a time of celebration, love and remembrance. Try it today!

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Memorialize with Respect

We provide a respectful platform to memorialize a loved one. No distasteful ads, control over guest postings, and complete command over your profile.

Notify others of a loved one’s passing

We understand the magnitude of losing a loved one. Using our announcement tool, you can easily direct guests to Homegoing, where they will find the funeral arrangements and obituary.

Set-up a profile with flexibility

We offer an interactive space to write freely and post photos, videos, and documents anytime and anywhere.

Friends, family, and the world

With our social media tools, conveniently share a loved one's profile anytime and anywhere. Friends and family members can purchase gifts, share stories, and write in the guestbook.

More economical than a traditional obituary

Profiles cost $99. We frown upon costly by-line charges, picture fees, and restrictions. Save money without sacrificing quality or choice.

Connect with other loved ones

Just like the social circles cherished when living, connecting with other profiles maintains the strong bonds shared between loved ones.