About us

A message from our Founder, Reegy Laloi.

"I know what it’s like to lose a loved one. In 2011, my family suffered the sudden and tragic loss of my father, Reginal Laloi. It was during the funeral arrangement process that I first encountered the ineptitudes of current obituary offerings. My family and I grew frustrated as we ran into poor quality options, excessive fees and strict restrictions. We wanted more, and our dad deserved more. I started Homegoing with the hope that no family would ever face the same frustrations as I did. With the help of our all-star team, we’re getting closer to that goal each and every day.

At Homegoing, our mission is to build a simple and interactive community where you and your family can commemorate and celebrate the life of a loved one. Use our tools and features as a means to share memories, stories, sayings, habits, photos, videos and everything else that made your loved one special. Your servicing funeral home will also have the opportunity to create a profile and connect with you in efforts of maintaining the bond initiated through the funeral arrangement process. I aspire that through Homegoing, every profile and connection will illuminate shared memories and warm the soul.

We hope you’ll join us here at Homegoing in celebrating the lives of your loved ones. Create a profile today, and join my family as well as the many others that have experienced the benefits of Homegoing."

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